NCADD-OC Vaping Presentations

The Capistrano Unified School District has teamed up with the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of Orange County (NCADD-OC) for the second year to offer parent education on the dangers of vaping.  This year we are offering a prerecorded presentation that you can watch at your convenience or one live presentation on February 24, 2021, at 6:00 p.m.  This live presentation will offer a Q&A session at the end.  Please see the flyer here for more information, presentation link, or to RSVP for the live session. 

Middle School Physical Education Grading System


At the board meeting on December 16th, Trustees approved a temporary adjustment to Board Policy T5121.1 Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement to add Credit / No Credit grading marks for Physical Education. At the middle school and high school level, APEX/Online Physical Education will be graded as Credit (CR) or No Credit (NC). These CR or NC grades will be processed by teachers and finalized by 1/7/21 with student report cards will be published by 1/11/21.

General Temporary Policy Implications:

  • Qualification for middle school honor roll is not impacted with a CR/NC in PE. PE grades are not calculated into qualification for these awards.
  • As in spring 2020, these CR/NC marks will neither help nor harm your student’s grade point average. Students that received a mark of CR for PE will be granted PE credits. Students who received a mark of NC will not receive credit for the course.

The grade will show your student’s transcript as CR or NC in lieu of a traditional A-F grade. Students that received a mark of CR for PE will be granted PE credits. Students who received a mark of NC will not receive credit for the course. 

Upon return from winter break, PE teachers will be working to determine options for students who did not receive credit for PE. Communication outlining options will be shared with students and families in January.

We understand the difficult times and dynamics we are in and thank our PE teachers for working diligently to support all PE students and their progression through the Apex content and other delineated assignments. This decision is intended to further support students and families and relieve concerns associated with GPAs and transcripts.

New Middle School Bell Schedule January-June 2021

New Bell Schedule

Hankey’s Middle School bell schedule will shift from our current block schedule, to an onsite 5-Period Day (Tuesdays-Fridays) beginning Tuesday, January 5, 2021. VIRTUAL MONDAYS will remain the same. This shift will provide students increased interactions with their teachers throughout the week.

Hankey Middle School 5 Period Day Schedule (Tuesdays-Fridays)

Period 1        8:00-8:50 AM

Period 2        8:54-9:44 AM

Break            9:44-9:56 AM

Period 3        10:01-10:51 AM

Period 4        10:55-11:45 AM

SOAR           11:55-12:15 PM

Lunch           12:15-12:50 PM

Period 5        12:55-1:45 PM

Period 6        ONLINE 1:45-2:35 PM