Kona Ice Is BACK!!!!!!

And easier than ever! Our school now has it’s own event page/app. You can prepay each week for your special Friday treat!

Here are the details: 

Go to this page to prepay on this link: kona-ice.com/pay

Two days before the event, the event code can be entered in the specific event field and you will see the event for Carl Hankey. You simply place your order for your child. You can also do a “pay it forward” for another student. Kona Ice will close the site on the day of the event at 5am and no more orders can be made then. This will give us time to organize the list before coming to your school. They print out a list of students who paid for a Kona Ice. All your child has to do is tell them their name.

The event code is F01541.

It will not be ready to take orders until 9/15 @ 8am and will stop taking orders on 9/17 @5am. 

See you on 9/17 @ noon.

Students can ONLY get a Kona Ice if they prepay.

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