Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

We are excited to celebrate Hankey teachers and staff May 3rd-7th. They spend countless hours working hard for our students. Scroll down for ways you can help.

We would love a donation of any amount to go towards the purchasing of box meals for Hankey’s entire staff on Friday, May 7. You can do this online by clicking the button below or by dropping a donation at the front office in an envelope marked PTSA. All checks should be made out to Carl Hankey PTSA with Teacher Appreciation in the memo line. All funds raised will be used towards meals and snacks for our all star teachers and staff.

If you prefer, you can also donate individually packaged snacks and drinks to stock our staff lounge. Sign up to bring a snack or drink here or by clicking the button below. All snack and drink donations must be brought in by Tuesday, May 4.

Teacher Wishlists


Moothart & Smith – their favorite snacks include Almond Joys, Nuts(cashews), Popcorn, CLIFF Bars. Supplies needed for the classroom include crayons (24 packs), Markers (8-10 packs) & scissors.

Peterson – her favorite snacks include Think Bars, Nuts and Bai drinks. Supplies needed for the classroom include black expo markers, Mr. Sketch smelly markers & crayons.

Cantacessi – her favorite snacks include Skinny Pop, Veggie chips or straws & other healthy snacks. Supplies needed for the classroom include black expo markers.

Chambers – she loves Starbucks treats and gift cards. Supplies needed for the classroom include black expo markers and others listed on Donors Choose.

Koch – her favorite snacks include Swedish Fish, granola bars, peanut M&Ms, Reeces, pistachios & smoothies. Supplies needed for the classroom include crayons, markers, black expo markers, erasers with a very urgent need for glue sticks!

O’Connell – her favorite snacks include almonds, dried apricots, Las Golondrinas tortilla chips & ginger tea. Supplies needed for the classroom include colored post it notes (all sizes), Elmer’s glue, colored copy paper, bright cardstock & pencils.

Burridge – his favorite snacks are healthy nuts (almonds), fruit & alkaline water. He would love avocados instead of flowers.

Rumpf – her favorite snacks are Chex mix & anything dark chocolate. Supplies needed for the classroom include Clorox wipes and tissues.

Lohmeier – she prefers salty snacks. Supplies needed for the classroom include Clorox wipes, tissues & colored pencils.

Keehn – her favorite snacks include dark chocolate covered almonds & healthy snacks. Supplies needed for the classroom include regular markers & colored pencils.

Middle School

Jarrett – Black sharpies are almost out of stock in the classroom. Both thick and thin style are appreciated.

Beitz – her favorite snacks include nuts, pretzels, peanut m&ms, mint decaf tea, caffeine free Diet Coke, smart food popcorn, cheez it’s, Gardettos, Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Raspberry. Some needed classroom supplies include 8×10 art canvas for art project next year (flat not raised) Paper Mate Profile Pens medium point, any color Post It Notes, Expo Markers, Bookmarks

Boothe – her favorite snacks include roasted almonds, pumpkin seeds, Peanut M&Ms and Peanut Butter Snickers. Kleenex tissues are always needed in the classroom.

Pedroza – her favorite snacks include chips (spicy cheetos are her fav), crackers, granola bars. She loves sea salt and dark chocolate and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Some needed classroom supplies include expo markers & Lysol wipes for wiping down bucket drums.

Foote – her favorite snacks are KETO friendly, including string cheese and any cheeses, Wasa crackers, strawberries, blueberries, avocado & nuts. Anything low carb is fine and appreciated.

Langsdorf – his favorite snacks include anything with peanut butter/chocolate, or Snickers. For classroom supplies, Kleenex, colored pencils, and glue sticks are always nice.

Aleman – her favorite snacks are trail mix, popcorn and dark chocolate. Needed supplies are pencils and masking tape.

Cady – his favorite snacks include diet Pepsi, BBQ chips, twix & Reese’s peanut butter cups. Some needed classroom supplies include kleenex, sanitizer & dry erase markers.

Chiapuzio – her favorite snacks are anything gluten & dairy free.