Starting now, until the end of the school year, Hankey will be raising money for PTSA programs by sending flamingos to family and friends!  For a small donation, you can surprise everyone by sending them a flock of flamingos that will decorate their front yard!  If you live in a condo or apartment, a pot of flamingos will flock to their front door!!  Under the cover of darkness the flock will arrive and stay for 2-3 days until they migrate to the next yard.

Your child should come home with a Flocking For Hankey Flyer with an order form on the back or pay online now!

Price Options
One Family $25.00 USD
Two Families $40.00 USD

Once the order is received by Hankey, a flock will appear on the recipient’s yard along with a letter explaining their arrival.  You can choose to let the person know it was you who flocked them or keep it anonymous!  This is such a fun community event!!  If you have any further questions please contact Jill Murray at tazandzig (at) gmail.com.

So who will you flock first?????

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