Celebration Book Club

Give a book for….

Welcome to Kinder!!!

A birthday!!!

Welcome Back!!!

The Celebration Book Club is a fun way to enrich our school library, while recognizing your child’s special occasion, milestone, or accomplishment, big or small. (For example: a birthday, 5th grade graduation, student of the month, teacher’s birthday)

Your selected book will include a personalized nameplate with your child’s name and special event. Our Principal, Mrs. Aguilera, will present the book to your child at the morning assembly. A photo will be taken of your child and placed on our Celebration Book Club wall in the library. Your child will be the first to check out their donated book before it is placed on the library shelf for general circulation.

To place an order, please come visit our school library and check out the Celebration books on display. Please complete an order form and place it along with your payment inside the book. There will be a red bin to place all order requests. If you have any questions, our library technicians and front office staff are there to assist you.

Book Orders Must Be Placed 7 DAYS PRIOR To Date of Presentation!


Celebration Book Club 2016

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