8th Grade Slideshow

8th Grade Slideshow
We are looking forward to celebrating the Hankey MS 8th Grade Class of 2021, and are currently working on what this will look like, given our current safety parameters.

One of the Hankey traditions that we are definitely continuing is to show a slideshow of our 8th grade students with a picture from when they were little, as well as a current picture. We are asking every 8th grade family to provide us (1) picture as a baby and (1) current fun picture from this school year. If you are unable to provide a current picture, we can use the school picture from this year.

We would like the pictures to be attached to an email and sent to

If you are unable to send the pictures in email, please bring them to the Hankey front office so we may make a copy.

The deadline to submit pictures is Friday, April 30th, 2021.  Thank you for your help with this very important Hankey tradition!

By Colette

I am a California native, wife, mother, and L.A. Kings fan.

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